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Frequently Asked Questions

How many emails will you be sending me?

I'll keep in touch via email at least once a week, but some weeks it'll be more if I have amazing things to share with you. My goal is to ensure you get serious value form being a subscriber so you can learn all the lessons in my online journey so you can benefit from them. If getting regular emails from me isn't something you want, please do not subscribe. If you'd like to see what it's like, do remember you can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in my emails.

What value will your emails give me?

I'll let you know when I've posted an update or video at Atif Perwiz Blogging so you can stay up to date and not miss anything. Plus, as a subscriber I'll share things via email that won't be posted anywhere else, such as insider information and details no one else will discover about my business adventures.Sometimes I'll send bonus trainings and gifts... Ultimately I want to provide so much value that you'd be insane to not be a subscriber :-)

I am on a journey to becoming a full-time super affiliate marketer. Once I have achieved this I will be financially free, be able to retire my wife and myself, pay off the mortgage and any debt and have money for my children's education. I'll be able to do the charity work I want as well as achieve the lifestyle that I wish to have. The value you get is following my journey, learning the lessons I learned (good and bad) and having the blueprint for you to be able to do this for yourself and your family and learn directly from me and my mentor. You will get value from the email newsletter that will have exclusive content just for my subscribers with additional information, tools and techniques.

What will I have access to?

You will have access to my subscriber only email newsletter which will have additional insight more detailed information and additional tools and techniques. You will gain insight into the systems and software required to build such a business and the know-how of how to do it. When I have offers and discounts and high-value products you will get notified first about these before they go on my resources page on my blog. You will have access to me with my experience and knowledge to help you problem solve and build your online business.

Are you going to sell me stuff?

Most certainly... Sometimes. If I have something that I truly believe can help you then it's my business to let you know about it. Imagine missing out on something that could positively impact your life because I kept it to myself...No way. I'll always share, but you're under no obligation ever to buy anything. Regardless, the free value will always be there.

Can I unsubscribe if I want to?

I know there are some people that are untrustworthy but I'm the opposite - I only want people on my list that actually WANT to be there and WANT to open and enjoy my emails and all they provide. It causes my email deliverability harm if you don't engage, so not only is it EASY to unsubscribe in one-click if you ever wish to, but I'll actually delete you myself if you're not opening and engaging with my messages to save us both the trouble (HINT: Look out for and open my emails if you want to stay on the list!)